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Contact Information for Sokolski & Zekaria, P.C.

Under normal circumstances, we require an in-person consultation prior to taking on a client's case. We ask that you bring all of your documentation that may be relevant to your case or problem with you to this meeting, such as all papers from any pending proceeding, original/vacancy and renewal leases, papers from any prior cases or DHCR/HPD proceedings, any written correspondence to or from your landlord or other tenants, any violations issued by HPD/DOB/ECB and any DHCR registration information. We ask that you bring these documents to the consultation so that we may give you the best and most accurate information and advice about your case. You are under no obligation to retain our firm after consulting with us. You will receive legal advice about your case or issues at the consultation whether or not you decide retain our firm to represent you.


Sokolski & Zekaria, P.C

305 Broadway Suite 201

New York, New York 10007

Telephone: (212) 571-4080 / (212) 571-4090

Fax: (212) 571-4079


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